Experience a Branson Show Unlike Any Other

Step right up and witness the mesmerizing world of Shanghai Circus, where astonishing talents and extraordinary performances come together in a symphony of entertainment.

Prepare to be dazzled by a lineup of exceptional acts that will leave you breathless and in awe.

Hoop diving.JPG

Hoop Diving

Prepare to be amazed as two or more agile performers flip and jump through hoops. With each successive jump, the hoops stack higher, showcasing their incredible athleticism and precision.



Performed on cranes, our artists execute flawless handstands while effortlessly switching between their left and right hands. Witness their incredible strength and balance as they showcase their acrobatic prowess.



Also known as the Chinese yoyo, this act showcases a talented artist performing with single or multiple diabolos. Watch in awe as they perform astonishing tricks and flips, expertly manipulating this traditional Chinese prop.


Rolla Bolla

In this act, an artist manages to balance on a board and multiple pipes with impeccable precision. Witness their exceptional balance and agility as they execute acrobatic tricks like jumping rope or juggling.

Unicycle with bowls (2).jpg

Unicycle With Bowls

Prepare to hold your breath as our artist rides a tall unicycle while skillfully balancing and kicking bowls onto their head. Sometimes, they even add a cup and a spoon to the mix, leaving the audience in awe of their incredible skill and coordination.

Umbrella foot juggling.JPG

Umbrella Foot Juggling

Imagine the spectacle as an artist balances and juggles one to multiple umbrellas with their feet. Watch in wonder as they effortlessly manipulate these objects, creating a stunning visual display of coordination and dexterity.

Chair stack (1).JPG

Chair Stack

Prepare for your heart to skip a beat as our artist begins by performing a handstand on a single chair. But it doesn't stop there - witness their breathtaking climb as they stack and balance on multiple chairs, reaching dizzying heights, all the while maintaining an incredible handstand.

Candle contortion.JPG

Candle Contortion

In this incredible Chinese contortion act, an artist showcases their flexibility while balancing multiple candles in their hands, on their feet, and even in their mouth. Marvel at their incredible body control and precision as they create an enchanting spectacle.


Couple Silk

Prepare to be swept off your feet as a male and female artist take to the aerial silk together. Watch in awe as they perform acrobatic tricks high above the stage, displaying their strength, grace, and trust in one another.

As the curtain falls on the dazzling showcase of Shanghai Circus acts, one thing is clear — the talent, skill, and dedication of our performers have created a spectacle to remember.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will transport you to a world of wonder and excitement, where the impossible becomes possible, and dreams take flight. Come one, come all, and be part of the magic that is Shanghai Circus.